We at Ardıç Glass Industry Incorporated Company (“Ardıç Glass”) attach great importance to the protection of your personal data. As such, Ardıç Glass brings to the attention of our esteemed customers, suppliers and all those who use our website the following information and descriptions in order to fulfill our information obligation pursuant to the pertinent provisions of article 10 of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (“PDPL”).

1. What is the legal basis of Ardıç Glass to collect personal data?

We collect and process the personal data of our customers, suppliers and those 3rd persons who use our website as well as those who purchase products and services from our website in accordance with the pertinent provisions of the PDPL and other relevant legislation, in particular, the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey, as well as the Law No. 6563 on Regulation of Electronic Trade, the Turkish Penal Code and other relevant regulations and legislations.

2. Which methods are used by Ardıç Glass to collect personal data?

Your personal data may be processed upon your explicit consent and pursuant to the pertinent provisions of the applicable regulations by automatic or non-automatic methods depending on the nature of the services, products or commercial operations that are offered by Ardıç Glass when you visit the website: www.ardiccam.com.tr, when you attend an event organized by Ardıç Glass, when you visit a building owned by Ardıç Glass and, when you contact us through our call center and social media accounts.

Please remember that the website www.ardiccam.com.tr is a website where cookies are used. The website www.ardiccam.com.tr will collect and process your navigation details, share them with third parties when necessary and, save the same safely and securely in order to offer better services to the visitors, let the visitors and members make the most of the benefits of the website within the framework of its legal obligations on the condition that these details will not be used for any purpose other than those as specified under this Information on the Privacy/Protection of Personal Data. You will be informed about the cookies that we use to collect your navigation details on a pop-up message which will appear when you visit the website for the first time or when you download the mobile application on your phone or tablet for the first time.

You may remove the permanent cookies and refuse both the session cookies and permanent cookies by means of following the instructions available on the “help” file of your internet browser and visiting the following websites: “www.allaboutcookies.org” or “www.youronlinechoices.eu”. If you refuse the use of permanent cookies or session cookies, you may continue to use the website, but you may not access all the functions of the website or your access may be restricted.

Ardıç Glass may record the actions on the website www.ardiccam.com.tr it owns so that those who visit this website are able to make the most of the services that are offered on the website to fulfill the purpose of their visits thereto accordingly.

3. For which purposes does Ardıç Glass use the personal data?

Ardıç Glass may record, store, update, disclose and transfer to third parties, classify and process your personal data and information to the extent it is permitted by the applicable legislations and regulations.

We process your personal data for the following purposes:

4. How does Ardıç Glass protect your personal data?

During the processing of your personal data, Ardıç Glass makes sure that your personal data are:

5. Does Ardıç Glass share your personal data?

The personal data of our customers are shared with third parties upon their consent and, as a rule, there are no personal data that are transferred to third parties without the explicit consent of our customers. However, we also share your personal data with the competent courts and other public authorities due to our respective legal obligations and responsibilities. In addition, we may also transfer the personal data to contracted third parties to the extent permitted by the applicable regulations in order to offer our services and perform the quality controls on these services. Your personal data may also be shared with such organizations and corporations with which we act in cooperation to carry out our operations; with local/international persons and organizations from which we receive services to maintain the personal data on cloud; with contracted local/international organizations to send commercial electronic messages send upon permission; with survey companies for various marketing purposes to offer better services and maintain customer satisfaction; and with other local/international business partners for such purposes that are specified hereunder in line with the articles 8 and 9 of the PDPL.

We take the measures described under the paragraph 4 of this Information Personal Data Protection in order to avoid any possible violation of right during the transfer of the personal data to third parties. Nevertheless, Ardıç Glass hereby represents that it is not responsible for any violation that may occur within the risk area under the responsibility of such third parties and due to the data protection polices of such third parties.

6. What are your rights under the Personal Data Protection Law?

You are kindly reminded that pursuant to the PDPL you are entitled to:

a) learn whether your personal data are processed;
b) request information if your personal data are processed;
c) learn the purpose of the processing of your personal data and whether your personal data are used for the intended purposes;
d) know about such third parties, to whom your personal data are transferred locally/ internationally;
e) request for correction if your personal data are processed deficiently/ inaccurately;
f) ask for the deletion / destruction of your personal data in line with the conditions as specified under the article 7 of the PDPL;
g) request that such 3rd parties, to whom your personal data are transferred, are notified of the procedures carried out as per the paragraphs (e) and (f) above;
h) object to any result against you due to analyses on your personal data being carried out only through automated systems;
i) request for being indemnified in case you suffer any damages due to illegal processing of your personal data against the pertinent provisions of the PDPL.

Ardıç Glass will bring your request to a conclusion within 30 (thirty) days for free of charge if you provide Ardıç Glass with your written request in connection with your rights listed above. However, if this requires an additional cost, the respective fee mentioned in the tariff identified by the Personal Data Protection Board will be collected by Ardıç Glass.

In order to exercise your rights listed above in accordance with the paragraph 1 of the article 13 of the PDPL, you may send your request to Ardıç Glass in writing or making use of other methods as may be specified in the future by the Personal Data Protection Board. In order to exercise your above-mentioned rights, you may forward your request containing the descriptions of the right you request to exercise as per the pertinent provisions of article 11 of the PDPL together with the information evidencing your identification by means of completing the respective form available at www.ardiccam.com.tr, making a written application to Kumpınar Mahallesi Kumpınar Küme Evleri No: 31/A Kahramankazan Ankara and also sending the same through a notary public.

7. How can I be informed of changes to the applicable legislations concerning personal data?

The rights you are entitled to pursuant to the PDPL are the obligations of Ardıç Glass. We would like to inform you that we process your personal data knowing these obligations and to the extent permitted by the applicable legislations, and we will update this information available on our website in case of any legal change, and you will be able to follow and get informed of such updates on this website.

8. How can I be sure that my personal data are update and kept accurately?

Ardıç Glass is required to keep your personal data accurately and updated pursuant to the article 4 of the PDPL. Accordingly, our customers are required to share their accurate and updated date with Ardıç Glass so that Ardıç Glass is able to fulfill its obligations pursuant to the applicable legislations. Please contact us through the communication channels listed above and update your personal data in case of any change to your personal data in any manner.