Glass Processing Production Lines

Grinding Machines are those machines designed to create a 45 degree angle on the flat sides of the glass of different thickness and sizes.

CNC Alfa Machines are used to drill, grind and cut glass units on CNC machines in line with the respective technical drawings. At the facilities of Ardıç Glass, CNC glass processing machines are used to process decorative glass products such as glass doors, countertops, shaped desk glass and some furniture glass.

Beveling Machines are used to bevel the glass, which is one of the most important stages of the glass processing processes. These beveling procedures are used to process the glass products that are used in the field of furniture decoration. During this procedure, the glass side is beveled at 900 degrees and, the front edge is beveled at any angle. After this procedure that is carried out by a full automatic beveling machine, the cut surface that becomes dull after the grinding procedure is subjected to a second treatment to get polished.

Glass Hole Drilling Machines: CNC counters are used to drill the holes on glass doors and glass panels for screws and handles. During this stage, the glass is drilled with or without countersinks using drilling bits of different diameters. In particular, the technical procedure is complied with for the perforated glass sheets that are to be tempered. To do that, the locations of the sides, edges and holes of the glass sheets are to be determined considering the thickness and sizes of the glass and the diameter of the hole.